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The Point St. Claire

Romance Series

where true love finds a way

Santa, make her wish come true...

Christmas comes but once a year. Great for Jenn Higgins’ on-line gift company. Depressing as far as other issues go. The school reunion should give her a boost. Except…Macallister Hale is coming? Educated, sexy and seriously successful…Mac is more delicious now than he was in senior year. But, he hurt her once. No way will Jenn fall for that bad boy charm again.
Mac isn’t home to spread the festive cheer. Skeletons in his closet need kicking to the curb, and he knows precisely where to start: ask former school buddy Jenn Higgins to the 'Point St. Claire Mistletoe School Reunion'. If she loosens up, begins to trust him again, maybe Mac can get to the bottom of what happened that Christmas so long ago. 

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