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The Point St. Claire

Romance Collection

Where true love

finds a way

Welcome to the world of Point St. Claire! 

Heart-warming romances about sexy billionaires, alpha protectors, second chances and fated mates, with happily ever afters you won't forget. 

Santa, make her wish come true...


Christmas comes but once a year. Great for Jenn Higgins’ on-line gift company. Depressing as far as other issues go. The school reunion should give her a boost. Except…Macallister Hale is coming? Educated, sexy and seriously successful…Mac is more delicious now than he was in senior year. But, he hurt her once. No way will Jenn fall for that bad boy charm again.

Mac isn’t home to spread the festive cheer. Skeletons in his closet need kicking to the curb, and he knows precisely where to start: ask former school buddy Jenn Higgins to the 'Point St. Claire Mistletoe School Reunion'. If she loosens up, begins to trust him again, maybe Mac can get to the bottom of what happened that Christmas so long ago.

True love lasts beyond a lifetime... 

Helene Masters loves to push the envelope, take risks. But almost maiming a royal prince for the sake of adventure is too much. Thankfully, Darius Vasily is willing to forgive and forget. In fact, he wants to hire Helene as personal help. But when “personal” turns an intimate corner, things heat up more…and not always in a good way. 
Darius intends to be a worthy king, which means following tradition and respecting his people’s hopes as well as their fears. But since meeting Helene, it’s one crisis after another…freak accidents, broken artifacts, even open rebellion. Now, with help from a bittersweet force from the past, Darius must face the greatest choice, and challenge, of his life. Helene just wants to go home. Not that she could possibly know… 
Answers await them in Point St. Claire. 

The answer to any girl's prayers... 

Former P.I. Jax Angel needs to make his new life work. After a case had gone tragically wrong, Jax quit the rat race for good. A month later, he inherited The M Lodge, a privileged gentleman’s club in Portland, Maine. Suits instead of jeans, watching the books instead of surveilling a suspect…yeah, day to day had gotten a little stale. Until beautiful amateur sleuth Belinda Slade breaks into the place and makes Jax an offer he can’t refuse. 
A decade ago, Belinda (Billy to her friends) and her struggling single-parent family suffered a massive double blow. First Billy’s devoted mom passed away then her only treasured possession, a ruby and pearl family heirloom, was stolen. Now Billy is onto a crack lead. She’s even got a genuine private detective (albeit retired) on the case. Working with Jax Angel and his muscles and his smile must be the bonus, and distraction, of the century. But answers are closer than they think. 
It all comes back to Point St. Claire. 

Some things are worth fighting for...

Vanessa Toomey does not believe in love. She gave herself, heart and soul, to her Mr. Absolute Right only to discover who Griffin Hayes really is. A man who doesn't want family or commitment. Money, power and submission are the only words that billionaire understands. 
Griffith is living in hell. He’s on top of Nessa's 'hope you die' list. She thinks he betrayed her, and perhaps he did. But there are two sides to every story. Will she feel the same about hating him, loving him, when the real truth comes out in Point St. Claire? 


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