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The Complete

Holiday Romance Series

One small town,

Six great stories! 


Boxed Set includes








Cupid's Billionaire Bet  (Book 1)
Lucias Creed can’t believe his best friend is married. He’d thought they were a team, free and easy till the end. Particularly with amazing women like Josey Gribbe on the scene. Thankfully not every girl wants to get married. 
Josey is happy for her married friends, but she is over being the bridesmaid. One day, she’ll find her own Mr. Perfect. Have the home and family she longs for. But at this latest wedding reception, Josey won’t cry into her champagne. Tonight, she’s going to party! 

Her Mother’s Day Miracle (Book 2) 
Nothing will stop Riley Mathis from giving his infant daughter a safe and stable life growing up. After his wife passed away during childbirth, Riley moved to Point St. Claire, Maine, where families are close and people simply care. So, who had he ticked off to be lumped with this neighbor from hell? 
Aster Lawrence could do without her friendly, happy, handsome new neighbor poking around in her business. This time last year, her world was shot down in flames. She’d been keeping her head above water before Riley Mathis introduced her to his baby. How could she keep her distance—keep surviving—when they were both so easy to love? 
Hers For The Summer (Book 3) 
Ten years ago, Melanie Beachmere had been given the responsibility of her life: assume legal guardianship of her much younger sister. Melanie is still determined to make all the right choices for high school senior Phoebe…even the unpopular ones linked with a seventeen-year-old bad boy who recently breezed into town. 
When a lawyer from Portland brings news of an inheritance left to Phoebe by a stranger, and a scandal from the past, Melanie’s world is rocked. Then her sexy lawyer crosses the boundary from business to the bedroom, and Melanie discovers…attorney Logan Taylor has some dark secrets all his own.
One Haunted Moonlit Night (Book 4) 
Former dot-com success Jack Mason doesn't believe in ghosts or goblins. He hadn't bought this old lighthouse and keeper's cottage in Maine because of its eerie past, but to indulge a childhood dream. Then photographer Sammy Briar blows onto the scene. 
Sammy's story, delivered the night before Halloween at the site of a haunted grave, would raise the hair on the back of anyone's neck. Jack is intrigued, and not only by her tale. Everything about Sammy is captivating, mesmerizing, including her kiss. It's as if... 
Well, it's as if they'd met before. 

One Christmas Knight (Book 5) 
Five days before Christmas, Emma Bagwell’s structured existence spirals out of control. Her wayward sister has blown into town with a six-week-old who needs an emergency sitter for a week. Emma knows zip about babies, but after one look, she falls in love. And being a substitute mom is a great diversion from the one problem she can’t seem to solve. 
Doctor Damon Knight is even more infuriating than he is hot. Emma can’t decide which she’d sooner forget…their no-holds-barred public argument or his very private bone-melting kiss. But when the baby comes down with a fever, then an alarming rash, Emma doesn’t hesitate. Dropping his festive out-of-town plans, Damon comes to the rescue, and in more ways than one. 



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