Holiday gifts.

If there was a fire, a tornado, a war - what would you sweep up and take out the door?

At Bookclub today, we girls decided photos, children (d'oh!), pets. id, warm or suitable clothing. No one mentioned jewelry or designer bags or even cash, come to think of it. We might WANT nice "things" - that red sports car, the dinner out, a once-in-a-lifetime vacation (oh, bliss!) But what we prize above all else, what we treasure the absolute most, is the people we, husbands, friends and, yep, our pets.

When I wrote SILENT NIGHT, a novella from the CHRISTMAS ASSORTMENT BOX, I made certain the heroine was driven by her capacity to love, and be loved. Set on Christmas Eve, 1966, Joanie is on a quest that grows more challenging by the minute, and, ultimately, will change her life forever. It's an unusual story, and there's a mighty twist in the tale, so have a box of tissues on hand.

The CHRISTMAS ASSORTMENT BOX - a collection of stories from bestselling authors SARA HANTZ, T.M. CLARK, MEL TESHCO and myself - is FREE right now! So pick up a copy and enjoy - our holiday gift to you.

Get it here!

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